📝 CreateANote.com is a simple web-app to create and save notes online. Notes are plain text, should be kept brief and considered temporary but may be downloaded for permanent storage.
• To create (and access) note categories, click the top "📂 Category: default" button which will open the category menu. Then enter a category name (30 character limit) into the "Enter category name." field and click the "🗂️ Create new category." button. Loaded category name will display within the "📂 Category:" button. Categories can be removed by first loading the category and then clicking the top-right "⛔ X" button.
• Click the "📝 Create." button to create a new note within the current category. Notes are titled with their sequential count and timestamp. Notes will stack from newest to oldest. Notes will auto-save between sessions/pageloads.
• Click the "💾 Download." button to download/save all current category notes into your browser's download folder. Notes will be plain text and stacked from oldest to newest.
• Click the "⛔ Delete." button to delete all current category notes, resetting note count to one.
• Click the "🗣️ Say." button to hear all current category notes stacked from oldest to newest.
• To quickly browse notes via "jump" navigation, click the appropriate up/down arrow button located far left. Double arrows jump to first/last note and single arrows jump up/down each note.
CreateANote.com is built with and functions-in client-side javascript using HTML5 local-storage to store notes within your computer. No server-calls containing your data (notes) are made. CreateANote.com does not use browser cookies but it's statistical service (StatCounter.com) will load a third party cookie which can be blocked. Stored notes will be permanently lost when you browser's HTML5 local-storage is cleared/reset.
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